Travel to Iran with your own monsters!

Travel to Iran with your own monsters!

Hi everyone, for a few years entry of cars and motor cycles with an engine above 2500cc was forbidden in Iran. Fortunately the rule is now canceled on behalf of Iranian government. This is a good news for the visitors who are interested to visit Iran with their own car or motor cycle. Considering the beautiful roads of Iran and hospitable people, this would be a very fortunate opportunity to have a pleasant experience of traveling to Iran. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.


Hi everybody

A few weeks ago I was in the rocky and historical village Meymand. It is alsmost 250 km away from Kerman and it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Here is the video I made to introduce the village in International Tourism Expo in Kish island.



Meeting the Sand fox of the Lut desert

We were in eastern part of the Lut desert a few nights ago. We were there for some night photo shooting. It was a perfect time for it. In order to avoid bad light, we went far from the road deep in the desert, where our presence attracted attention of a curious and beautiful Sand fox in there to pay us a visit! Right when we all thought that we are alone in there, yet there were eyes to watch! So I decided to make video of her. They look thinner in this time of the year and they loose most of their hair for the warmth of the desert in the summer. They rest during the day and hunt in the night. That’s why they have such big eyes and ears.